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About Us

OSCE is “Organisation Social Center E-News”, we are a news portal that came up with most up-date news among business, entertainment, games, and technology. Most of our website are quoted by hundreds of popular websites such as Wikipedia, The Guardian, Green House, The Age, and many more big sites. First time this web was build by a Russian news portal. We bought it because of expired in the first place and rebuild it into a better one from before. Because of the great past of this website, we saved all the archived post that can still be saved and post it all over.

The word Organisation, represent our web that moved by a group of people that have the same goals. As a team we came up with more great ideas on building this website to a more reliable one.

Social is a common word that we used in our daily life, either we use the word or doing it at the time. this website uses most of its sentence with daily regular words, without contaminating the massege conveyed.

All the things and thought that around us must be organized by a main line, we called it the Center. Center maybe the only one thing that keep our knowledge as one mind, but million ways to delivered. In that way we can work better along side our enviroment.

This news portal moved by the technology improvement, like the word news it self must always be the most up-date one. in this era of digital all that can be saw by just a pick of finger, E-News is one of it’s product in the digital era.

This web is build by Daffa a SEO Expert, from Indonesia. And i work at Garuda Website.