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Best Handheld Marine GPS

GPS devices are an important thing to have on every sailor’s pockets. And it may be a challenging thing if you are looking for a handheld marine device as GPS as well as an affordable one. We are here to show you what kind of best handheld marine GPS devices that you can get today!

Technology had created so many new advancements. One of which is a handheld marine GPS. Back there, GPS had to be integrated within your ship’s navigational system. This is more time consuming because you want to use this at any time possible.

And it may be hard to do so especially if this GPS device is not at your service 24 hours everyday. The handheld marine GPS systems also comes with a lot of new features. We will learn more about this so stick around with us and you will surely find a lot more things.

What are Handheld Marine GPS Devices?

Handheld marine GPS devices are a tracking device as well as locator. As a sailor, it is way too easy to get lost in the seas. This is because you cannot simply rely on a map and make calculations all the time. On the other side, you also cannot use any satellite imaging such as Google Map or Google Earth.

That is why, sailors and captains get themselves what is known as a best handheld marine GPS. The best marine GPS are created by many special manufacturing industries. These industries are specialized in creating high end GPS devices.

Hence you would only be given the selection to buy trusted products instead of any bogus products. GPS are devices that are known as global positioning system. It is basically a functional electronic navigation system and it is also combined with many types of satellites.

You could be tracked or track the location of various different points using this one device. On top of that, you can also use this in air, land, and seas. Each device is linked to a satellite system and this satellite is linked to another one. The satellites in total could even reach up to 24 satellites.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Marine Handheld GPS

Positive Side of Using Marine Handheld GPS Devices:

  • The marine handheld GPS is easy to navigate. You could even navigate your precise location.
  • The tool can be used to locate your altitude.
  • Handheld devices can be used to increase sailing skills as well as navigation.
  • Handheld GPS is good for beginners as well as any other types of users.
  • The device is great for short term and long term uses.
  • Each device is durable and can withstand falls, as well as harsh weather.

Downside of Using Marine Handheld:

  • The marine handheld GPS device is usually a huge investment and is not cheap.
  • Battery life is also a factor to consider because the device is not capable of long duration usage.
  • Devices can be a little bit more expensive if you need to repair it.

1. Garmin eTrex 20x

The first navigational item that we are going to discuss is the Garmin eTrex 20x. This device is very lightweight and it has a specification of 240 x 320 pixel wide. On top of that, you would have a very clear view of the monitor.

Even if the daylight is strong. It would still be easy to look into the screen.  Besides that, you are also given a huge memory space. A navigational device like this would of course be needed to store a lot of important information.

These information are such as coordinates, maps, as well as where your next destination is. It is very easy to find storage if you need more and extra storage space in the Garmin eTrex 20x. We highly recommend this if you need an all in one GPS

2. Garmin Inreach Explorer+

Next up, we have a higher version of the Garmin brand. The Garmin Inreach Explorer+ is a very popular GPS amongst adventurers. This GPS is used to locate the more specific data as well as information. Take for example information of altitude, latitude, and weather predictions.

All of these are hard information to get from a normal GPS. Besides that, you could also turn on a tracker. This way it is easier to walk and find your way back to the place that you traveled before. This feature is called as the way finder when you are using the Garming Inreach Explorer+.

Right now, the Garmin Inreach Explorer+ is a bit more expensive than any other GPS that we have here. The current price is up for sale for around $449.99. We recommend this tool if you are going for a long adventure. For example if you are going for a duration up to months and months worth of travel.

3. Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Another device from Garmin worth inspecting is the Garmin GPSMAP 64st. This item has a very simple display. It can withstand any type of climate conditions ranging from hot weather up to even cold weather. There is a bit of storage of around 4 gigabytes. Hence you do not need to add more storage space such as using a micro sd card.

What is special about this item is that is is more affordable. It is also linked for a BirdsEye satellite imagery. Hence providing a very accurate data for a small handheld GPS device. Although space is limited to 4gbs, you could buy a version with additional SD card. And this could increase your space up to 32 gigabytes plus the 4 gigabytes that is already in place.


These handheld GPS devices can be used for simple and even up to the harshest locations. Just find the right one at the right price point for you. That is all from our article and we hope that this article could help you learn more about which handheld GPS to get.