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Exotic Cats Slot Review – Betting Opt, Features and Theme

We know, you are seeking the Exotic Cats slot review. This game has little to do with your average home cat, as it gives you a look at some of the world’s most unusual felines. 

This new Microgaming slot machine has a lovely design, several intriguing features, and large potential jackpots, so it has some possibilities.

Best Exotic Cats Slot Review

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The game has 243 ways to win, which is a popular system that uses 5 by 3 reels and seems to be growing in popularity each year. There will be some intriguing features to trigger within, whether you get Vertical Wilds, free spins, or scatters. The highest point possible in the game is a win of $106,000. Just check our complete Exotic Cats slot review below.

1. Betting Options

Exotic Cats bets will be made with 15 coins, and the player will simply have to choose the total amount that will include them. The coin value is the portion that changes. The betting range is $0.15 to $30, which means you can spend no more than $2 per line/coin.

The best absolute outcome you can expect for when playing Exotic Cats is many wild reels, which can earn you up to $106,000. The RTP for the game has been announced at 96.30%, which is a respectable result (not great, but good).

2. Slot Features

You’re looking at the wild feature if the Exotic Cats symbol appears on the reels. It’s something that will come in handy in the long term, allowing you to create combinations that would otherwise be impossible. The regular rules apply, and the Wild Logo does not substitute for a scatter.

Vertical Wilds are a feature of the game, and they contribute significantly to the level of excitement you may have while playing it. At the top of each reel, you’ll see an unusual cat. If a cat symbol of that type appears on the reel, it turns into a wild reel. 

On reel 1, the Lion will do so, followed by the Tiger on reel 2, the Panther on reel 3, the Leopard on reel 4, and the Cougar on reel 5. If you get those 5 exotic cats on their own reels at the same time, you’ll get 5 wild reels, which is really good.

The free spins are triggered by the Coin Scatters. You’ll get 10 free spins if three or more appear in the game. Following that, the arrival of another 3+ scatters might add an additional 5 spins to the total, bringing the total to 15. The existence of the Vertical Wilds also helps the free spins.

As you play Exotic Cats, you’ll be yearning for Vertical Wilds. When this feature is activated, the game’s potential is maximized.

3, Theme and Story 

The last part of our Exotic Cats slot review will be talking about theme applied in this game. The exotic cats of the jungle, not the domestic cats, are the focus of this game. As a result, there are five symbols on the reels: lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, and cougars. 

Card suites and logos are examples of other symbols used in the game, and they are less spectacular. It’s a nice-looking game, but Microgaming’s graphics aren’t quite up to the standards of a NetEnt offering.

Final Thoughts


Vertical Wilds are intriguing in Exotic Cats slot review, and they can be compelling reasons to play this slot, which has a 96.30% RTP.

Exotic Cats is a Microgaming slot that has grown fairly popular among online gamblers. On the internet, this game is already offered on many well-known betting sites. Exotic Cats slot microgaming, Exotic Cats slot review, daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya and other keywords can be used to find it.

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