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Know This: Gambling Makes Poor and Broke

Many people today are very addicted to gambling. They make gambling as an entertainment as well as a livelihood. They make gambling as a place to have fun. Unfortunately they don’t realize that gambling makes poor them and depletes their property

Gambling has been around for a long time in Indonesia. Initially, gambling appeared in a very simple form until finally online gambling appeared. Online gambling is now increasingly in demand by the public.

Online gambling first gained popularity in the 1990s. After that, more and more online gambling sites have sprung up. In 1996 there were only 15 sites, and within a year, which was extinguished in 1997, it had grown to 200 sites.

Online Gambling Site

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Many people are very crazy about online gambling at the beginning of its appearance. They are willing to spend all their money just to gamble without caring about the bad effects of gambling, that gambling makes poor

There are even more types of online gambling that are currently circulating. There are thousands of online gambling sites circulating on the internet today. Examples of some online gambling that are currently circulating are online poker gambling, online domino gambling, situs slot gacor, online soccer gambling, and many more in the future.

Online gambling is a situation that must receive serious attention. If it is allowed to continue to grow, it is not impossible that the country will be destroyed because of the bad effects caused by this gambling. If more and more people play gambling, they will get the negative effects of gambling and of course this will have a further effect on the destruction of the country.

Currently, it is not only adults who gamble, many students and teenagers are still too ignorant about the knowledge of the negative effects of gambling and fall into the gambling circle, and of course it is a very worrying thing.


That gambling makes poor is one of the negative effects of gambling that we all know. Apart from that, there are many more negative effects of gambling that can attack gamblers. These effects include gambling can ma ke depression and mental disorders.

There are still many people who are involved in gambling because there are still many people who do not realize that gambling causes many negative effects in life. Therefore, education is needed by the government to its citizens to inform them that gambling game has a lot of negative effects on life.

All circles of society from students, teenagers to adults must be educated. The government through special officers can go directly or through representatives from related institutions to ban gambling.

In addition, the government must also educate about the existence of a law that prohibits gambling so that if they violate it, the perpetrators of gambling will be prosecuted and punished. Tell them to be good citizens by not breaking the law and one of them can be started from how to stay away from gambling.

Actually, staying away from gambling is not difficult for those who are serious, as long as they have the will and determination. For those of you who really want to stay away from gambling, you can do it slowly to get rid of the habit of gambling. Just realize that gambling makes poor or anyone who get involved in it.