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Get 5 Jackpots in Jackpot Raiders Slot Review 2021

In this Jackpot Raiders slot review, you can grab your pickaxe and whip, and prepare to embark on the most exciting treasure hunt of your life. 

Jackpot Raiders is a new product from the Yggdrasil studio that builds on the success of Ozwin’s Jackpots. It was released in May 2020. How? It’s simple: it takes the same local progressive jackpot system and tweaks it a little.

Jackpot Raiders is ideal for individuals who enjoy adventure, since it allows you to explore unknown worlds and uncover secret fortunes. Of course, you’ll need a map before you begin your voyage. With this in mind, this game should serve as a helpful guide to one of the most exciting casino games available.

Best Jackpot Raiders Slot Review

It is a new jackpot slot that follows in the footsteps of the popular Ozwin’s Jackpots and Jackpot Express. 

Jackpot Raiders, which was released in 2020, is a highly interactive slot that pays homage to some of the most popular arcade games of all time. On the largest stake, the base game has a maximum payout of $164,000, but the slot also features five different jackpots with predicted payouts ranging from $105 to $100,000. 

The slot’s jackpot network is linked to Jackpot Express, allowing jackpots to collapse and rebuild more frequently! Jackpot Raiders of all levels can enjoy a lucrative adventure with stakes ranging from $0.10 to $40.

1. Slot Type

On a 5 x 3 reel configuration, the Jackpot Raiders slot offers 20 paylines. The Raider Bear, Raider Sam, Raider Hat, and Raider Backpack are among the eight fundamental game emblems, which also include the Heart, Spade, Clubs, and Ace symbols. 

Payouts are provided for spinning 3-5 of the same symbol on a payline, with epic extras triggered by Maps, Gems, and Relic collecting. Every spin you make adds 3.8 percent to the total jackpot pool. 

This slot has a really immersive feel to it, allowing you to keep track of your progress as you work your way towards bonuses and Jackpot Free Spins!. Trust your luck on situs judi slot online no 1 gambling and make a lot of money from this game.

2. The RTP and Payouts

This game has a 96.3 percent RTP, which means it pays out fairly, just like all other Yggdrasil games. The slot also has a low volatility rating of 27, which helps to support value for money sessions (excluding jackpots and random player decisions in the bonus game). 

With a 28 percent hit rate in the base game, winning spins average just under three for every ten rounds played. With stake amounts ranging from $0.10 to $40, the Jackpot Raiders slot’s base game payouts are directly proportional to the coin size you choose, allowing for a wide range of potential rewards.

3. The Design

Jackpot Raiders is a fantastic-looking game that is one of the best in the journey slot type. Every session takes you on a separate raid across an exotic slotscape, with new paths and destinations to discover. 

This slot offers amazing entertainment, base game win potential, a ton of additional features – plus the chance to win one of the five jackpots – thanks to animations, cool music, and special audio effects. 

The Maps you acquire are kept between sessions, increasing your chances of winning the Jackpot Free Spins, which adds to the allure of Jackpot Raiders.

In the end of Jackpot Raiders slot review, it is an interesting adventure game that, in terms of features and jackpot possibilities, ranks among Ozwin’s Jackpots and Jackpot Express. 

This is a fantastic-looking game with an arcade video slot design and a plethora of extra bonuses and prize opportunities. The immersion is fantastic, as you can see your progress towards the Jackpot Free Spins!.

Source : Slot777