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Rocket Fellas Inc Slot Overview: Bonus, Features & Theme

Rocket Fellas Inc slot can be summed up as being pleasant and welcoming with a lot of personality, albeit rather constrained by its fixed set of paylines. But if you want to get the whole tale, read on because there’s more to learn.

When we initially saw the screenshots, one of the first things we noticed was how similar the game looked to Quickspin’s Dwarfs Gone Wild. To our shame, we were perplexed and completely forgot that it was a Thunderkick product.

Who truly can blame us? Not only do both games use mining dwarfs as their central premise, but their cartoonish visuals are also strikingly similar. Thankfully, the parallels stop there because Rocket Fellas Inc. is more of a straight shooter while Dwarfs Gone Wild absolutely missed the mark.

A 5-reel, 4-row video slot with 30 fixed paylines is called Rocket Fellas Inc Slot. Players can wager between €0.10 and €100 on all devices. The Rocket Fist element is essential to the game, and Thunderkick thought it was so excellent that they chose to patent it. Who knows, maybe it’s just a pun in response to the recent MegaWays hype.

Rocket Fellas Inc has an intriguing formal conceit and a fantastic disco soundtrack to go with it. The smooth, vibrant, high definition graphics have a lot of subtle movements working to give the game a lively, alive appearance. As soon as the reels begin to turn, one is immediately a part of this crazy group of miners, and the story leaves no questions unanswered. You and the miners both want to get wealthy.

Rocket Fellas Inc Slot Symbols & Paytable

Four low-value symbols—blue, green, yellow, and red gems—can be found on the reels. The four different miners that make up the five high-value symbols are joined by a barrel that, as you’ll soon find, has a specific purpose.

The latter is also the most lucrative and, if five appear on a payline, will pay you 30 times your wager. The top paying symbol’s value is shared by the wild symbol, which also has some unique qualities.

All symbols show up piled on the reels in both the base game and the bonus round, though rarely in their entirety. It’s not improbable to use the Rocket feature to land a full-screen of the highest paying symbols, resulting in the maximum win of 900 times the bet for a single spin.

Rocket Fellas Inc Slot Feature

During the game, a rocket or several rockets could appear on the left reel at random. If a barrel appears on the same row as the leftmost symbol it has landed on, it will also turn that symbol into a wild.

The converted barrel will also transform any other barrel symbol on the same reel as it into the wild symbol. Although it may seem perplexing when written down, once you start playing, it makes perfect sense. If you want to try other games, you can try the DEPOBET88 site. Many games like sbobet online and others.

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Rocket Fellas Inc Slot Free Spins

10, 15, or 20 free spins are awarded when there are 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols of the Iron Fist. In the bonus round, two or more scatters award additional free spins as follows:

  • 3 more free spins with two scatter symbols.
  • 10 more free spins with 3 scatter symbols.
  • 15 more free spins with 4 scatter symbols.
  • 20 more free spins with 5 scatter symbols.

During the free spins bonus, players will benefit from Sticky wilds and the Hot reels feature. Rockets could periodically appear on the leftmost reel, just like in the main game. Now, rather than just transforming barrels into wild symbols, all altered wild symbols also become sticky.

Furthermore, Sticky wild reels have been changed to Hot reels, so that any barrel that lands on a Sticky wild reel will now turn into a wild even without the use of the Rocket feature. But for it to endure, the Rocket feature is still required. Also bear in mind that the Rocket Fist prevents sticky wilds from activating on the first reel. Alternatively put, it

The free spins feature has a lot of potential, as you might expect. The maximum win is 7325 times the initial wager when Sticky Wilds and Re-triggers are combined.

Rocket Fellas Inc Slot Conclusion

We recently criticized the 4-row, 25-payline design of Time Travel Tigers; Rocket Fellas Inc. likewise has this issue. Although the stacked symbols and the Rocket feature allow for numerous multi-line wins, we would have much rather for Rocket Fellas Inc Slot. to have 1024 win lines instead.

Without a question, Rocket Fellas Inc.’s free spins feature is the standout because it has so much potential. However, because it is a volatile slot, players should proceed with caution as they could anticipate seeing a lot of irksome low-paying bonuses. 

Fundamentally speaking, we believe that our Thunderkick product possesses all of the elements necessary to captivate and excite gamers of all skill levels, including stunning visuals, innovative features, and—possibly most importantly—huge potential.