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Swedish Election Groups 2002


This Group’s election observers are often asked by ordinary voters in the post-Communist societies where much of the BHHRG’s activities take place whether there aren’t enough problems back home in  the West to keep them occupied. Unlike some other human rights groups, the BHHRG’s observers have never operated on the presumption that they come from states of perfection to observe others. As readers will remember, this Group suggested that serious flaws are apparent in the existing British electoral system and that they are likely to be worsened by proposals to make voter turnout rather than ballot security the key criterion in future regulation of elections in the U.K.  

A Swedish correspondent, who shares an interest in much of the Group’s monitoring of human rights and democracy in the Balkans especially, suggested that the BHHRG should monitor aspects of the forthcoming Swedish general election. Along with several other academics, journalists, lawyers and political activists, he suggested that the run-up to the polls on 15th September, 2002, would be a suitable time to study what was happening in the Swedish general election campaign but also some of the controversial issues omitted by  common consent of the  parties already sitting in the Riksdag. Since BHHRG would like to monitor the forthcoming referendum in Sweden on membership of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), made concrete by the adoption of the Euro – a poll likely as early as next March – the run up to the general election made a suitable occasion to start background briefing on the issues and problems likely to face Swedish voters next year.