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Texas Holdem – 3 Starting Hands That Are a Good Bet

Texas Holdem is basically a poker game of relative strength. For example, you can get a high pocket pair, or you could possibly have some middle suited connectors. However, having a hand like 7-8 or 8-9 is not so attractive in a game like Texas Holdem.

The vast majority of starting hands are losers in the long run. Trying torets on how to should play your pocket pairs or suited connectors can be very costly. The vast majority of players go to the river with an average of about 75% of their starting hands.

3 Starting Hands That Are A Good Bet

The three starting hands that are a good bet are:

  • 9-8 suited, preferably a low kicker but a decent one if it’s high
  • 6-5 suited, preferably a high kicker if it’s high
  • 4-3 suited with a kicker of your choice

The above hands are also known as perfect hands, perfect hands are those starting hands that will either win or lose based on the board and fetched straight or flush cards. You can include in your list any pocket pair as well.

There are 52 cards in the deck of 52 and you can anybody to have high cards, you could have a royal flush while holding 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 cards. Well, this is the reason why straights and flushes are strong hands and why a simple trap is a good hand.

However, if you are holding high cards and chasing other players, you will end up losing your money because it is not worth it. When you are holding high cards, it is a sign that your opponents are uncertain with their hands and are playing with more cards that they should not.

3 Texas Holdem Starting Hands That Are A Good Bet

The three starting hands that are a good bet are the ones that follow. Here they are:

  • 9-8 suited, again the low cards are better
  • 6-5 suited, again the high cards are better
  • 4-3 suited, a little more risky but can still take the pot

The above hands are pretty much the best small and medium pocket pairs that you can play. When you see people playing, especially on internet poker sites, they will try to play as many different hands as possible.

This is a good idea for variety but it will not work. If you want to be a winner at online poker, you need to stick with these hands and just play by odds. The mathematical odds of having pocket aces is no different than the odds of having pocket kings.

See below to learn more tips on how to dominate the competition and win cash playing poker online using the mindsets that the pros use.

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Expert poker players use psychology and mathematics to outwit their opponents.

In order to do this, they are always analyzing their opponents and playing their hands in relation to the board cards as well as the flop, turn and river cards.

They will also be making guesses as to the cards that their opponents may have and be guessing probably more than one card.

As a result their decisions are probably a little bit better than yours. Silly you may think, well I have got my thumb up my nose, but a professional poker player’s thumb doesn’t get it going!

What is the basis of their guesses? Imagine that you are sitting there, playing against pocket aces. Your hand is strong and you may even be up against a high pocket pair as well. But what do you really know? spy? assertion? Nothing! Broke? Check? Fold? No! You need to fold. Pocket aces are just not a good hand to play.

Not only that, you have not established any sort of a pattern for your opponents to read. If you are playing pocket tens, you have to look across the table at aces, kings and especially ace king.

You cannot rely on having a pattern of three closed pattern. When you play pocket queens you need to pay extreme attention to your position at the table.

When you play pocket jacks you should only play from the blinds or early position. If you are in middle or late position then you should save your money and call only when absolutely necessary.

Aces get all the abuse possible when playing from the blinds and also get all the abuse when you try to go later. It’s a poor excuse for not making a move then.

A prime example of this is royal flush. Those jacks you limp in with from the blinds are most likely not live cards. You ought to be shooting for two pair or a set.

There is a good chance you could be beaten when you play from the blinds. Be prepared, however, to allow raises three times the big blind in that situation. It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to call a raise like that.

That’s the review about Texas Holdem – 3 Starting Hands That Are a Good Bet that I can convey, hopefully it can be a useful source of information for you. / Aha

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