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The Best Football Supporters in Indonesia

Football will feel lacking without supporters who provide support in the stands. They give enthusiasm and support to their favorite team so that it makes the match even more lively. There are some of the best football supporters to be proud of in Indonesia for several reasons.

For example, because the choreography is very compact and interesting and because of the huge mass. Having these supporters also shows that there are creative things that can be found in the field. They will bring choreo to anthem which makes the soccer field even more exciting and fun.

These various groups will also join the best football supporters, showing that they are not just any supporters. His expertise in encouraging these players shows that there is strong solidarity between the supporters and the players.

Talking on 90ball also shows that there are many supporters who compete with each other to give their best support through many things. Which are the best football supporters in Indonesia?

Bobotoh Bandung, Bandung’s Pride Supporter


Persib Bandung is one of the soccer teams that has a big influence in the world of Indonesian football. This also cannot be separated from the contribution of its supporters.

Bobotoh is the name for Persib Bandung supporters who have very good cohesiveness. This Bobotoh consists of Viking Persib Club, The Bomber, and Ultras Persib ready to support his favorite team.

Bonek, Surabaya’s Mainstay Football Supporter


The name of the doll in the world of football is no longer a foreign thing. Through supertogel, it is explained that dolls have a big influence in the world of football. Bonek is one of the best football supporters in Indonesia, even though he is often labeled as a slightly riotous supporter.

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The Jakmania, the Supporters Who Always Fulfill the Stadium


The name The Jakmania is included in the best football supporters section because of the various choreographies it carries. They support their favorite team, Persija Jakarta. The Jakmania itself has received an award as the best supporter in the Indonesian League in 2004-2005 and also 2007-2008.

Wow, these various supporters will certainly encourage the players. Apart from the three supporters above, there are still some supporters who are also known to be very cool. For example, BCS, Pasoepati, Aremania, and so on.