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3 Best Things in The Sword and The Grail Slot: The Top Game

On online The Sword and The Grail slot you have a chance to win 10,000 times your stake. Read all about this slot machine in this slot review.

Sometimes you feel like a slot where you can really win a big prize. Not necessarily a jackpot of millions of dollars, but a few hundred times of your bet for example.

Thi is not possible on many modern online slots. Netent’s games in particular excel in many small prizes and very few large ones. Sometimes you have to make an effort to win more than 30 times your stake.

However, the slots from game maker Play ‘n Go are set to higher prices and are therefore becoming increasingly popular. The newest slot, The Sword and The Grail will give you a top prize ever!.

The Sword and The Grail Slot New Review

1. How Does The Game Work? 

That slot has five reels, three symbols per reel and twenty paylines. You can play from $0.10 per spin.

The theme of the castle is the dark ages and the saga of King Arthur. The reels include King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, knight Lancelot and magician Merlin.

The Holy Grail counts as Wild, so a Joker. However, it is not just any joker, because every spin there can be a multiplier in the Grails of x2, x5, x10 or x100.

Finally, there are swords on the reels. If you land at least three, you will win five free spins. And those are very exciting, because there are four levels:

  • At the start of the bonus round, all Wilds have a multiplier of x2
  • If you collect at least 6 swords during your free spins, you will win five extra free spins and all Wilds will receive a multiplier of x5
  • If you then save 5 more swords, you win another five extra free spins and the Wilds get a multiplier of x10
  • If you then save 7 more swords, you win another five extra free spins and the Wilds get a multiplier of x100!. 

2. The Sword and The Grail’s 1000 Spins

For the review, we played 1000 spins, in this case with the minimum bet of $0.10 per spin.

The slot The Sword and The Grail looks very neat graphically. Moreover, the soundtrack, reminiscent of a magical Hollywood film, makes the atmosphere extra exciting. Dark almost. That fits perfectly with the Arthurian theme of the slot.

The base game is fine. The multipliers can cause high prizes, but unfortunately we did not hit the multiplier x100 once.

However, it is mainly about the free spins on The Sword and The Grail. Can you get to the highest level? We are very close for once. 

One more sword to go, but it just falls short. Still, the biggest profit may be there: $34.13. That’s 341 times the stake. Yummy!.

The second highest profit may also be there: $18.55. But there is also a depressing $0.64. Then, you can grab top prizes during the feature. Or you get it completely wrong. 

However, with a bet of $0.10, the latter is not a disaster. Too bad, of course! In the end, we played over two hours for this slot review and we won a knightly $16.04.

To sum up everything, The Sword and The Grail slot is a well-maintained, very exciting online game from Play ‘n Go. The free spins are very amazing and the yield big hits of up to many thousands of times your bet. If you like qq slots, don’t miss this top title!.

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