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10 Things To Consider While Using Radar On Ships

Radar is a very important tool to have on every ships. Without a radar, a ship could easily just get lost and risk being in an accident. In order to prevent any accidents as well as malfunctions in the radio, we will be learning some things to consider while using radar as well as one of Ships Navigation Equipment.

A radar is a tool that is commonly used to determine the location. On top of that, you could also see the exact position as well as the coordinates on your location. This enables sailors to prevent any types of crashes as well as gain more additional information.

It is very important for you to know what you can do with radars. Radar also comes with instructions. But these manual books will come in hundreds of pages. And these books would not even guarantee to help you.

All The Things To Consider While Using Radar

We have compiled this list to make it way easier for you. So stay put with us and we will give you all of the answers that you would ever possibly need.

Choosing the Right Range Scale

Range scales are very important and it is a factor that determines your ship’s environment. We suggest that you pick a range scale that is already in a good condition in which the ship is already in. You can do this by choosing a radar and use a long range scale.

And then use another radar in which you can use for a short range scale. The difference is that the long ranged scale will track things such as the position of things surrounding the ship. On top of that, you could also see the depth of the ocean as well as the rocks or small islands that is surrounding.

Look at the range scale and then you can pick the right range is one of the things to consider while using radar. We suggest ranges from a couple hundred meters up to kilometers. This can usually be changed by using the plus sign or the minus sign in each ship.

Gain Control of Ship

Gaining control is also important in a ship. You need to gain control when it comes to the keyboard and you need to make it sensitive. If it is not sensitive enough, then the measurements of your ship would be very inaccurate.

Gain control is done by using the keyboard. You need to adjust these gain controls to the point where there are background sounds that is located upon your viewing monitor. In other words, you could not get any response if gain is too low. You need to get a higher gain control so that you can do things such as measuring the depth of the ocean. Do this right and you do not need to calibrate it over and over again.

Measuring Your Range

Range is hard to measure if you are still new to the world of sailing. By using a tool named as the VRM or variable range market, then you do not need to do much things anymore. This will determine the range for you without you having to do anything else.

You can use the automatic feature. And then look at the number of rings that shows up. With each ring that you see, you need to mark it and then measure the range. Hence you could use these results for your range scale. Ships usually uses two VRM or variable range marker and compares the result. This is important to produce an accurate result.

Measure Bearing Accurately

Bearing are an important thing so that your ship do not just flip aside. There is one tool called as the bearing measurement. The bearing measurement is able to give you targets. This is because bearing measurement electric tools is supposed to show any angle that is possible. You need to reduce the risk of tilt or any types of collision.

Setting Sea Clutter

Sea clutters makes the sea very bumpy, turbulent, as well as shaky. So when you ride a ship, there is still a way to reduce the shake. This is called as the sea clutter device on your radar. Radar can be set to the point where you predict sea clutters.

If the sea clutters are avoided, then you could easily just turn around instead of hitting it through. You need to set your ranges so that sea clutters will appear. This is done by setting the target up to a viable amount. Also look at the A/C control so that you can adjust it to the point it is viewed well.

Centre Display

Centre display is an important factor. You want your ship to be in the middle and not anywhere else. This one of the most important Things To consider while using radar if the ship is anywhere else, then you would basically lose focus on your ship. Make sure that your ship’s positioning is already in the middle of the radar.

You can do this by moving the cursor. And then change the position. Do not forget to save again all of the settings that you have just made. Because by doing this then you would be saving all of the settings.

Target Trails

A ship could be tracked regarding all of the trails that have been passed through. To do this, you need to first choose the right the right settings. Turn on the trail. Trails can be adjusted. So you could see where the ship had been through over a period of time.

Vector Mode

You need to maximize all kinds of settings so that you can sail in peace. Vector mode is able to show you the trajectories of other ships. Hence you would not have any crash with other ships. Turn this mode on when you are approaching any ships nearby.

Be noted that other ships will also be able to see where you are headed. So it works both ways and hence making your journey more safe. That is all about today’s article and we hope that you find this informative.


Crew can always use a radar the way know, but those are the most important thing you should by considering when using a radar. Those thing are made to prevent any accidents as well as malfunctions aboard the ships. Hope you find it useful.