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Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot Review in 2022 (Red Tiger)

Are you searching for the Totem Lightning Power Reels slot review? Power Reels, a recent release from Red Tiger, is a truly odd slot machine, regardless of whose standards you use to measure that. 

It follows in the footsteps of the original Totem Lightning. The amount of reels and the features will astound you, and the huge 7,777x potential will persuade many players that it’s worthwhile to give it a shot.

Best Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot Review

This Totem Lightning Power Reels slot review features 8 reels, 6 symbols per column, and 30 active lines. You are viewing things correctly, but it doesn’t seem to give you as many opportunities to build a combination as it should in such a large space. 

Even while it doesn’t permit large bets, it nevertheless has the potential to pay up to $77,770 in a single round. The Symbol Strike Bar and the arbitrary Lightning Strike are significant characteristics.

1. Betting and Winnings

The factor that seems to matter most in this game is the overall bet. It has a beginning value of $0.20 and a maximum value of $10. Apparently, the line bet can reach a maximum of $0.50.

The prize combos that result from 8 matching symbols on the same line can only pay out 3,000 times, or $1,500, from each one. The maximum win possibility, when all features are included, is 7,777 times the bet, or up to $77,770.

2. Game Features

To win, you must line up three or more matching symbols on one of the 30 active lines, just as in traditional slots. The distinction is that a combination can have up to 8 symbols. The symbols are stacked, come in various sizes, and occasionally even have the ability to completely cover reels. 

As a result, you’ll frequently experience simultaneous wins on several lines. The symbols involved in winning combinations will be eliminated, allowing other symbols to enter and possibly produce additional winning combos.

In Totem Lightning Power Reels slot review, the bar on the right is the Symbol Strike Bar. It features the Royals, which will be removed from the reels once they create combinations. Falling symbols will appear and hopefully continue to bring you minor wins so that they too can be eliminated. 

The goal is to ultimately remove all low-paying symbols, giving the high-paying ones more space to make winning combinations. Sadly, the feature resets when the round is done, and you must start over with the subsequent spin.

Another intriguing feature, though this time it’s random, is the Lightning Strike, which hits the reels and eliminates low-paying symbols right away, thereby allowing you to access the Symbol Strike Bar without the need for the symbols to first form winnings. 

Using the same lightning function, you can clone symbols to aid in winning combinations.

3. Theme and Design

Your totems are the high-paying symbols that feature creatures like eagles, panthers, raccoons, or crabs as well as other wild animals. Royals are present in the other five low-paying roles, but they are well-designed ones, so we’ll give them that. 

It’s a game with a wilderness backdrop with Native American-themed decorations all over the game area. The design is excellent, and the 8×6 reels stand out because of how much screen space they take up. Definite results can be in slot gacor malam ini.

Final Words

Red Tiger made sure that the first game had a fantastic sequel with this game. It’s a distinct game with a lot of potential, and it may be enjoyable. Finally, those are our results on the Totem Lightning Power Reels slot review.

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