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Bring Me To Life Lyrics Meaning and Download on MP3Juice

Have you ever wondered, what the actual Bring Me To Life lyrics meaning? This song by Evanescence is a song with a unique backstory. 

And having access to it would reveal what the symbolism used throughout is based on. Even though it doesn’t read like a classic love song, “Bring Me to Life” can be classified as one to some extent.

Bring Me To Life Lyrics Meaning Explanation

Amy Lee, the frontwoman of Evanescence, was going through a difficult moment in her life at the time this song was written, which was highlighted by a toxic/abusive relationship. 

Then she met someone she characterized as a “friend of a friend” one day. After a brief talk with this man, he was able to deduce that Amy was experiencing mental distress, despite the fact that she was not expressing any overt evidence of it.

And, as we can see from the words of this song, that incident transformed her life. In the end, she views their conversation to be akin to a spiritual awakening. The song conveys the idea that her depression was so severe that she withdrew into a shell. 

In addition, the person to whom she is speaking is capable of rescuing her from being trapped inside of it. We might also speculate, based on the aforementioned premise of “Bring Me to Life,” that what impressed her the most about this man was not only his perceptive qualities, but also that he genuinely cared.

The fact that the same guy that touched Amy’s life, Josh Hartzler, went on to become her husband a few years after this song was released is also a reason we can assume that it is a love song, even though there is no overt signification of such. Furthermore, she confessed in an interview that she “really liked” him at the time she wrote this song.

source: YouTube

Different Interpretations

However, because the song lacks any overt love overtones, it has been interpreted in a variety of ways, including as a religious song. However, this is not the case in terms of its conceptual foundation.

We can conclude, at the very least, that the singer is speaking to someone who has had a significant impact on her life. And, based on the chorus, he has the ability to do her even more good, particularly in terms of assisting her in overcoming her sadness. Simply simply, he has the power to resurrect her.

Date Released of ‘Bring Me To Life’

On March 11, 2003, Evanescence released this classic through Wind-up Records. Fallen was their critically acclaimed debut album, and it was the lead single from it.

The Succession of ‘Bring Me To Life’

“Bring Me to Life” has remained one of Evanescence’s biggest successes to date. The song gained widespread acclaim after appearing on the soundtrack of the 2003 Marvel film “Daredevil.”

Its appearance on “Daredevil” brought the song to a far larger audience. And it was a smash hit in Australia, Italy, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. It also topped a few of Billboard charts in the United States (including the Mainstream Top 40).

In terms of the Billboard Hot 100, “Bring Me to Life” reached number five. It also placed in the top five in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • New Zealand
  • Denmark
  • Brazil
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Poland

The Grammys

Yes. In 2004, it was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards: Best Hard Rock Performance (which it won), and Best Rock Song (that it also won).

This song was reworked and re-released by Evanescence in 2017. “Bring Me to Life (Synthesis)” is the title of that particular version. Because it was featured on the band’s album Synthesis, the term “synthesis” was added to the title.

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