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6 Best Android Boxing Games 2021

Boxing or boxing games are included in the ranks of games that are popular with various circles. Given that boxing sports broadcasts are also very popular and in demand by the public. Now you can feel the sensation of playing the best Android boxing games with just one touch of a finger.

Generally, boxing game developers present a real fighting experience. Plus there are slick graphics complete with clear sound. You can download boxing games through the PlayStore application for free.

Boxing games are getting more and more innovative. Various interesting features are offered by developers so that boxing games that are released and developed are increasingly in demand by gamers. In fact, some of the best android boxing games are fully licensed and provide original characters.

6 Best Android Boxing Games in 2021

Still confused about which Android boxing game is the best? The following are recommendations that you must try. Look at this!

1. Punch Boxing 3D


Punch Boxing 3D is predicted as a popular game that is widely downloaded via the PlayStore. Since its release to date, Punch Boxing has been downloaded 1 million times through the application.
How to play the Punch Boxing game is also quite easy. Coupled with the presence of a slick and realistic-looking gameplay. Gamers give a satisfactory rating for Punch Boxing 3D which is 4.5 which is close to perfect.

2. World Tag Super Punch Boxing Team


The next best android boxing games for falls on World Tag Super Punch Boxing Team. One of the advantages of this game is that it is quite small in size. So that it can be played via an Android smartphone with various specifications.

This boxing game can also be played offline or online. So, even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still enjoy the game. Players are also free to choose a fairly complete Avatar character.

3. 3D boxing

As the name suggests, this 3D Boxing game presents a dominating 3D effect. Many gamers hope that the Boxing 3D game offers an exciting mode. This fact is true because the available modes are like single player and multiplayer.

Judging from the size of the game it is also very light. So that players can enjoy 3D Boxing without slowing down on various smartphone specifications. The rating given by the players on the PlayStore for the 3D Boxing game is also quite good, namely 4.0.

4. Manny Pacquiao’s Real Boxing


Another best boxing game for Android 2021 is real boxing a lot of Pacquiao. This game was inspired by the boxer superstar from the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao. It turns out that this one game has special features compared to other boxing games because of the Pacquiao character that is presented.

Also supported by a realistic graphic display and clear sound. Players are also free to choose a boxing ring and game theme.

5. The Boxing Star


Boxing Star is one of the most popular boxing games for android. One of the advantages of this game is the slick gameplay complete with a large selection of items. Players can also use various skills and characters.

Boxing Star is quite a lot downloaded by PlayStore application users. Until now, it has been downloaded more than 400,000 times and received a high enough rating, namely 4.5. Games can be played online or offline.

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6. Head Fists


Head Boxing is one of the best android boxing games in 2021. This game is also quite viral among android users and has received a rating of 4.5. on Google PlayStore. The special thing about this game situs judi slot online is that it presents a different gameplay from its general competitors. Apart from that, players will also be surprised by some of the boxing effects available.