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10 Important Things To Do During Ship Accident

Ships has been facing a lot of traffic as well as increase in trend. This as a result created more ship accident. Because the more ships entering the seas, this creates more demand for people to sail. Many crashes occur when ships malfunctions. This is very dangerous and there are some precautions that you need to take when this happens.

During Ship Accident

These tips and tricks will surely give an aid when there is a ship accident. So take a good read and we will show you what is important to do in these scary situations.

Inform Onboard Officials

The person that is able to lead an escape is the captain onboard. If you have a captain on the ship, it is very important to notify that person firsthand because he control all Ships Navigation. Notifying the captain is very important because this will give them the necessary information on what to do and how to plan for the escape.

Make sure that everyone is aware of the situation. If this happens at night time, wake everyone up and gather them on one room. This is so that grouping for the emergency boat will be easy.

Find the Emergency Boat

Once you are on the upper level, you will find lifeboats to the left and right of the ship ready to launch. Which side you use is important, and the best choice depends on your age and gender.

Crew in particular loaded women and children into lifeboats, but we can see from the passenger demonstrations that the port crew followed this policy more strictly. At one point, an officer loading the ship on the port side even fired warning shots with his pistol and declared.

Children and women are prioritized so that they can get to safety easily. You need to find a boat, usually there are many life boats. These life boats will get you to safety.

And congrats because this is one of the steps of you have been saved. But unfortunately, even if you get to the boat, you still need to stay alive. The chances of getting picked may be no better than taking a gamble.

But the odds are still better. Try to find the shore and get to safety by using the paddles. Paddles is the great tool used in these life boats. With all o the people on board, paddle your way in a synchronized motion.

Contact for International Help

A ship that is in crisis is always a priority for any country that is nearby. There is usually an open radio channel in which sailors can send a distress signal. Within a few seconds, the signal sent by that frequency would be spread out through the whole seas.

The ship closes to that ship will gain respond and give the help that your ship needs. Usually it will come in the form of evacuation assist. In these times, it is important not to panic. You could also prepare some other essentials to help with your evacuation process.

Use the Flare Gun

A flare gun is always equipped within every ship that there is. Try to find the flare gun as well as the flare as the ammunition. The flare gun should be able to launch at any second. Insert the ammo inside the flare gun. Make sure that the trigger is set in place.

Anytime you are ready, you can click the trigger and it will launch into air. Be sure to fire it into open space and pointing up. In seconds, the flare will light up a red light onto the sky. This will give a strong signal that people can see.

Wear Safety Vests

In case of emergencies, a vest is the best thing to have. The vest is supposed to help you so that you would not be able to sink, instead you would float. Everyone should have their own safety vest.

Safety vests are usually found on the bottom of beds or the seats of your ship. Then, make sure that all people are gathered nearby. If the people are forced to jump into the waters, this is okay and should be done.

Check for Oil Spills

Oil spills happen all the time if the ship accident hit something. There is a huge chance that these oils could even cause a greater danger. Such as if the oil spill were ignited with a source of fire. Then the whole ship could explode.

As a result, there would be 0% chance of survival. If any of the tanks or tanks appear to be damaged and water ingress is confirmed, make arrangements to pump the water.

If the pump is ineffective and cannot admit water, the entire compartment can be closed to prevent other compartments from flooding. If a self-closing waterproof door is provided, it must be operated from the bridge itself.

Reach The Nearest Land

Reaching the nearest land will be the last thing that you want to aim for. Getting to land will mean that you at least would not be stranded in the sea. Once you get to land, it is another fight to live on.

Because there are many challenges such as not knowing where you are right now. Being stranded in an island means you also need to survive for at least a couple of hours. You are going to have to wait for the incoming ships that will be in charge for rescue.

Start by looking for food rations inside the life boat. On top of that, there should be a couple more flare guns. Flare guns should be conserved over a period of time and then used wisely. After that is done, then you are done with all of the things that is important.

Jump the Ship One thing to consider if there are no supplies, then you need to jump the ship. Be noted that this can only work for ships that are not that high. You should be careful not to land on any debris. Hence that is all about what you can do if a collision happens.


Those tips and tricks will surely give an education when there is a ship accident. If you got all the information from above you should be fine when an accident happens. Hope you find it useful and becareful.

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