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Top 3 Free Marine Compass Apps for Android Smart Phones

Phones are not just an ordinary tool that you need anymore. Even free marine compass apps can be fitted inside your own phone. Hence you do not need to spend a dime on buying new compasses. Marine compasses are important and it is a necessity. This application, suitable for Ships Navigation Equipment.

Especially in modern day travelling, people need to carry this. But now, everyone can own one just in a click of a button. There are many new technology that supports our top 3 free marine compass apps today.

We have compiled a long list for you so that you do not have to keep looking for apps.

Smart phones are very easy to carry anywhere and has been an important part of people’s lives. Smart phones are not owned by a majority of the people if not almost all.

This tool and tech can be used anytime, anywhere, as long as you have battery. Apps like these will surely make it easy for people to navigate their uses as well as the important things in their life.

You might need one and it will be easier than doing anything else. Because the whole process would just take 1 to 2 minutes.

Things to Look Out When Looking for a Free Marine Compass Apps

Apps are usually a very important tool in every phone. But apps can also be very problematic if you download the wrong one.

People often get into trouble because they used apps that are filled with so many advertisements. As a result, they would be troubled by these things. Apps usually are free and do not need any money.

First of all, you need to find apps that are free. Do not go out looking for apps that will cost you money. Because believe us when we say this, there is always a free version of everything on the internet.

Hence you can save up a lot of money without having to spend even a dime on these apps. Free version of apps does not mean that it is bad or it is cheap. Because usually free apps get its money from advertisements.

Find Apps Which Are Ads Free

Ads free apps are a very important thing to have. Because usually, apps will be slower but then this is also a way that these apps are possible. What we suggest you to do is to find apps that are lesser in ads. These can usually be found on the internet and we would give you 3 suggestions today.

These apps have a significantly lower ad count. Ads free apps is also useful because you do not want to waste your internet speed on these ads. Loading ads could take seconds as well as eat up space on your phone as cache.

 So rather than waiting any longer, let us jump into today’s article. You might want to take a sip of coffee and have a great read ahead.

Compass PRO

When it comes to free compass apps, Compass PRO is a great choice. You can easily find this app on the app store as well as the Google Play Store.

The app is compatible with basically any device that runs iOS and Android. The Compass PRO has a complete functionality that you need in a compass.

For example, it has the complete magnetic compass and it does not require internet at all! You could even switch off the ads just by turning off your internet data.

Hence you have a compass app that is free from all types of advertisements.

Compass PRO uses a system in which you can see directions. With this app, there are some additional features that people get.

First of all, you can set a location in which you want to go. And then the tool is provided to guide you to the necessary location. So if in case you lost your way, this app would remind you to go back to the right directions.

AR Compass 3D

Ever feel like your digital compass might not be like a real compass? Well you do not need to think of this anymore. AR Compass 3D is specifically designed so that you can use it in AR mode or augmented reality. AR is a feature in which you could see somewhat like a hologram. The AR Compass 3D wants to make it more fun for people when they are using compass. The user will be able to gain all of the information needed when they are going somewhere in their boat. For example information such coordinates on where you are heading. On top of that, users could also see where they have passed by using an in app map. Hence you can go back and see which path that you have taken.

Compass for Android

Next up, we have an app that is so basic but only exists in google play store. If you want simplicity, then this app is able to provide all of the things that you need. Compass for Android is able to give you an accurate compass tool. All you need to do is that you need to make sure the app is calibrated properly. Such as by rotating the phone or moving it up and down.

The compass for android app is overly very light. It is only 2 megabytes and do not need any internet at all. This is a must have app if you are a sailor with standard amounts of tech. Usually people use these kinds of apps as back up apps. Hence they do not rely fully on these kinds of apps. Just in case the battery runs out, you have a backup compass which is a manual compass.


Those are the top 3 free compass apps that you can use. Each compass apps is uniquely and equally great. So you do not need to waste your time on downloading useless apps. Give it a try and let us know more about it.